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Get Into Your Own Home Faster

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Loans for First Homes provides you with advice and guidance to help you buy your first property.

Talk to us about the following options:

Guarantor Home Loans

Some lenders will allow a well-established family member to act as guarantor, letting you access a loan without the need for a ten per cent deposit.

No Deposit Home Loans

Even though you can afford the repayments on a mortgage, the cost of living can make it hard to pull together thousands of dollars for a deposit. We’ll explain your options.

Low Deposit Home Loans

Have savings but not sure if it will be enough?
There are options to borrow without needing the entire ten per cent deposit requested by most lenders.

No Genuine Savings Home Loan

A windfall, tax return or cash gift may provide the deposit you need to buy your first home. Get the guidance you need to apply for a loan under these circumstances.

Deposit Bonds

Loans for First Homes can help you access the cash you require to share a deposit with a property vendor.
Contact us to learn how this works.

Why Work With Us

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Upfront Assessment And Advice

Gain an understanding of what’s possible based on your income, your savings and your financial profile.

We’ll present a realistic picture so you have clear expectations.

Support From Start To Settlement

Buying a home can be a lengthy process. It helps to have the support of a professional, every step of the way.

You can rely on our guidance so you always feel informed and up to date.

Ongoing Guidance

Once you have purchased a home, you can build equity and refinance to renovate or invest.

Loans for First Homes will support you at every phase of your journey as property owners.