First Home Buyers

Take The First Step

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Buying a home makes sense for so many reasons.

It ends the stress of finding a place to lease and spending your hard-earned cash to pay off someone else’s mortgage. Being a homeowner is also a proven tactic to grow your wealth and start building a secure financial future.

Buying a first home in Sydney has been a challenge in recent years but with prices currently settling after years of meteoric rise, it is back within reach. Even if you don’t believe you qualify for a loan, there may be options you haven’t explored.

Right now, the banks are looking for qualified borrowers who are ready to purchase a home.

As a first home buyer, this is the time!

To find out your options, book a free discovery call with Loans for First Homes.

Are You Eligible For A Home Loan?

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You may be eligible for your first home loan if you/you and your partner:

Have A Steady Income

If you have been in your job for a few years and can prove your income is stable.

Have A Strong Rental History

In some cases, proving you have consistently paid rent can be used in lieu of savings.

Have $50k Or More In Savings

If this amount seems impossible, talk to Loans for First Homes about alternatives.

Have Financially Secure Parents

A guarantor loan will reference your parents’ assets/financial status and ability to meet repayments if you fail to.

Have Received A Cash Bonus

Some lenders will approve loans based on a windfall, tax return or cash gift to be used as a deposit.

Have Control Of Your Finances

Lenders look favourably on loan applicants who can prove their long-term financial stability.

How We Help

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Loans for First Homes provides borrowers in Sydney and surrounding areas with the following:

Initial, no-obligation loan assessment call

Clear explanation of your options, including loans and lenders

Guidance to prepare documentation for your loan application

Representation to lenders on your behalf

Feedback on the results of your pre-approval application

Support while you purchase and settle on your property

Led by experienced broker Patrick O’Brien, Loans for First Homes provides first home buyers with the step-by-step support you need to understand your options and start climbing the property ladder.

Home ownership is still possible. Talk to an expert today.